Parka Jackets

Order Corporate ClothingThe Hastings Parka Jacket is a great winter jacket option from Brand Innovation. These Parka Jackets have an outer fabric of 100%polyester taslon with ac coating and an inner lining of polyester quilted taffeta. This fantastic Parka Jacket is sure to keep you warm and dry this winter. The Parka has a fold away hood in the collar and is waterproof. We have these Parka Jackets for men andParka Jackets for women.

Parka Jacket Specifications:
Parka Colours: Blue, Navy, Red, Yellow, Orange, White and Black
Sizes Available: S – XXXL
CODE: BAS-2107 for theParka Jackets for men and BAS-2108 for the Parka Jackets for women.

Hastings Parka Jacket South Africa


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