US Basic Corporate Clothing


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Brand Innovation Corporate Clothing is a supplier of promotional and corporate clothing in South Africa. We supply the US Basic clothing brand. These clothes are great promotional clothes and are perfect for branding with an embroidery or print of your logo.

US Basic Clothing South Africa

US Basic Golf Shirts

The US Basic Clothing brand is a fantastic range of corporate clothing. US Basic is Europe’s leading brand for corporate clothing and promo wear. This clothing range includes golf shirts, jackets and workwear. We supply these great US Basic Clothing golf shirts throughout South Africa. Please click on one of the options below for more information.

golf shirts

US Basic Economy Mens Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-1001 US Basic Economy Ladies Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-1002 US Basic Boston Mens Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-803
US Basic Clothing Economy Golf Shirt US Basic Economy Ladies Golf Shirt US Basic Boston Golf Shirt

US Basic Boston Ladies Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-804 US Basic Pontiac Mens Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-3426 US Basic Pontiac Ladies Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-3427
US Basic Boston Golf Shirt US Basic Pontiac Golf Shirts US Basic Pontiac Golf Shirts

US Basic Mens Citi Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-2100 US Basic Ladies Citi Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-2103 US Basic Hawaii Ladies Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-805
US Basic City Golf Shirt US Basic City Golf Shirt US Basic Hawaii Golf Shirt

US Basic Mens Raglan Polo Shirt  – Dorma BAS-806 US Basic Runner Mens Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-807 US Basic Runner Ladies Golf Shirt – Dorma BAS-806-GG
US Basic Raglan Polo Shirt US Basic Mens Runner Golf Shirt US Basic Runner Ladies Golf Shirt

US Basic Miami Jacket – Dorma BAS-819 US Basic Runner Windbreaker – Dorma BAS-823 US Basic Detroit Sports Jacket – Dorma BAS-825
us basic miami jacket us basic runner windbreaker jacket us basic detroit sports jacket

US Basic Carterton Jacket – Dorma BAS-905 US Basic Orlando Jacket – Dorma BAS-821 US Ladies Hastings Parka – Dorma BAS-2108
us basic carterton jacket us basic orlando jacket us basic  ladies parka jacket

US Mens Hastings Parka BAS-2017 US  Soft Shell Jacket Ladies BAS-1008 US  Soft Shell Jacket Mens BAS-1007
us basic mens parka jacket us basic soft shell jacket ladies us basic mens soft shell jacket