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What is Screen Printing?



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In the Screen Printing process a screen is made up of a metal frame with a fine gauze tightly stretched over it. The gauze is covered with a light-sensitive coating, into which the logo is burned. Ink is pushed through the screen by a squeegee and only transfers where the logo was burned. Screen Printing provides excellent coverage and is especially good for large and bold logos.

Printed T Shirts in Cape Town

We recommend screen printing for our t-shirts. On our other corporate gift selections it is widely employed for printing bags, folders, umbrellas and more.   When looking for information on screen printing in South Africa you might use these terms: screen printing, what is screen printing, print on shirt, clothes printing, tshirt printing, branded clothing, screen printing on t shirts, shirt printing, t shirt printing equipment, printed shirts, printing t shirts, corporate clothing, t shirt screen printing, clothing printing, t shirt printing company, promotional clothing