Corporate Clothing Jackets


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These promotional jackets and corporate clothing jackets are great for branding with your company logo. Our range of jackets include the Slazenger and US Basic Clothing brands. These corporate clothing jackets can be branded with an embroidered logo.

 Slazenger JacketsSlazenger Clothing South Africa

Slazenger Jackets are high quality clothing items. A rain jacket or windbreaker jacket is an important part of any corporate uniform. We have a range of mens jackets and ladies jackets. Slazenger is the brand that encourages you to trust your instincts. Slazenger clothing is a perfect brand for your corporate clothing. These corporate clothing jackets can be branded with your company logo. Please click on one of the options below for more information.


Slazenger Trainer Unisex Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-1003 Slazenger Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-816 Slazenger Catalyst Ladies Soft Shell Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-817
Slazenger Trainer Jacket Corporate Clothing Slazenger Catalyst softshell Jacket Slazanger Catalyst Ladies Softshell Jacket

Slazenger Apex Soft Shell Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-3215 Slazenger Apex Ladies Soft Shell Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-3216 Slazenger Storm Fleece Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-2105
Slazenger Apex Soft Shell JAcket Slazenger Apex Ladies Soft Shell jacket storm-fleece

Slazenger Apex Winter Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-3213 Slazenger Apex Ladies Winter Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-3214 Slazenger Ignition Fleece Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-4931
Slazenger Apex Winter Jacket Slazenger Apex Winter Jacket Ladies slazenger-ladies-fleece

Slazenger Greystone Softshell Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-5839 Slazenger Junction Soft Shell Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-3223 Slazenger Unisex Down Jacket – Dorma SLAZ-1004
slazenger-greystone Slazenger Junction Softshell Jacket Slazenger Down Jacket



US Basic Clothing JacketsUS Basic Clothing Jackets

US Basic Clothing is a brand dedicated to producing great corporate clothing. We supply of great US Basic jackets in great styles and colours. We brand these US Basic corporate clothing jackets with embroidery. The US Basic clothing range has jackets in unisex, mens’ and ladies’ styles. Please click on one of the options below for more information.


US Basic Miami Jacket – Dorma BAS-819 US Basic Attica Softshell Jacket – BAS-3408 US Basic Rego Jacket – Dorma BAS-7783
miami-jacket-thumb attica-jacket rego-jackets

US Basic Benton Executive Jacket – BAS-340 US Basic Mens Hastings Parka BAS-2017 US Ladies Hastings Parka – Dorma BAS-2108
benton-jacket hastings-men hastings-ladies

US Basic Astro Jackets – BAS-7784 US  Soft Shell Jacket Ladies BAS-1008 US  Soft Shell Jacket Mens BAS-1007
astro-mens cromwell-ladies cromwell-mens

US Calibri Winter Jacket Women Dorma BAS-3407 US Calibri Winter Jacket Men Dorma BAS-3406 US Basic Houston Fleece Jackets Dorma BAS-815
Calibiri Winter Jacket for Women US Basic Calibri Winter Jacket for Men fleece-jacket


BARRON Clothing Jacketsbarron-logo

Barron Clothing is a well-known corporate clothing brand in South Africa. The Barron range has been around for more than 20 years and delivers great quality garments in a large variety of styles and for all industries. We are an authorized distributor of BARRON in South Africa. Please click on one of the options below for more information.



BARRON Ladies 3-in-1 Jacket – L3-1-JAC BARRON Mens 3-in-1 Jacket – 3-1-JAC BARRON All Weather Jacket – ALL-JAC
ladies-3-1 mens-parka-small all-weather-jacket-icon