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Welcome to Corporate Clothing South Africa. We supply branded, printed and embroid corporate clothing and corporate wear in South Africa. We stock a wide variety of different types of clothing, including:  jackets, body warmers, polar fleece products, scarves, beanies, t-shirts, caps and more.

For more information on the products and clothing brands that we stock, please click on the appropriate link below and check out the various collections.

Our Corporate Clothing Brands:

Barron Clothing

Elevate Clothing

Gary Player

barron clothing elevate clothing



Cutter & Buck

Slazenger corporate Clothing South Africa USBasic Clothing

Corporate Clothing Catalogue

Our fantastic range of corporate clothing, corporate apparel and promotional clothing include a wide range of style, flattering cuts and vibrant colours that belong to world renown clothing brands. Our products will be a great representation for your brand name. Your employees and client will look smart, professional and will represent a unit.

Having a corporate uniform and custom t-shirts for staff and employees is a great idea. Employees enjoy wearing corporate clothing as it represents unity and belonging to something that is important. Many businesses and companies use clothes, branded with their logo as a marketing tool. Branded corporate clothes are lasting favorites because they keep your name at the forefront of your customers’ attention daily.

BRAND OFFERING: Brand Innovation supplies a number of premier brands. Browse over 36 brands for corporate clothing ideas. Ideal for all industries. Brand yours with a company logo for a lasting effect.

PROMO EVENTS: Promo clothing for special events is also a good idea. You want to make a good impression on the customer and a branded golf t-shirt for instance, speaks volumes. It says ‘thank you for your business.’ Once your special event is over, individuals often wear a branded t-shirt to play sport, therefore the person can be referred as a walking billboard.

When we think of the marketing campaigns we want to implement, we need to consider how the marketing will work for the brand once the event has passed. Corporate clothing is one that works. You often see athletes wearing running t-shirts

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: Branding of corporate clothing can also form part of your marketing campaigns. For instance, your organization can distribute branded Cutter & Buck head wear. Most people rotate their head wear so most people will be open to receiving head wear from a company. Distributing brand clothing leads to brand recognition and brand awareness, which can lead to increased sales. Your employees that wear branded corporate clothing can help with your brand awareness

Why you should invest in corporate clothing for your organization:

One of the benefits of corporate clothing, is that it lasts a lifetime. It allows you to get value for you money.

Branded corporate clothing sends out a message of professionalism. Often, customers will wander in a shop looking for a staff member for assistance. If your staff are wearing the same uniform, this will cancel out that problem. Furthermore, supplying your staff with high-quality outfits, lets them know you care about their needs. Staff that work in colder environments, low light conditions and dangerous environments, need to be dressed appropriately in order to perform at the set standards. Let your staff know that you care and invest in corporate clothing today. Brand Innovation delivers door door everywhere in South Africa.

Our corporate clothing catalogue includes a wide selection of the following products:

Corporate Head wear

Corporate head wear is understated but serves its purpose to the full extent. One can never have enough head wear, as we are always rotating our head wear depending on what we are wearing for the day.Corporate head wear is an excellent form of marketing your brand. Our collection of head wear are made of high-quality fabrics and can be worn by both men and women. Corporate head wear also serves as an ideal corporate gift. It allows brand awareness. Brand your company logo on our head wear today.

3 Reasons why we love the head wear collection:

  1. Head wear keeps your head warm during the cold months
  2. Our head wear collection has durability factors, which allows you to get more wear out of them
  3. We have a wide selection of colours which will meet your corporate needs

Body Warmers:

Our body warmers are perfect because the are incredibly lightweight and reversible, which allows your employees and clients to get a 2-for-1 deal. We offer a wide selection of premier brands that boast wonderful colours. The body warmer will be a good addition to your corporate clothing as it can worn throughout the year, it is perfectly warm enough to wear during the winter, and is easy to pack away if need be. Our collection of body warmers are form fitting and can be worn with any outfit. The body warmer adds a touch of style and will leave you looking smart. Order you body warmer today.

Golf Shirts:

Brand Innovation stocks Barron golf shirts, US Basic golf shirts, Polo golf shirts, The Gary Player Collection, Nitro golf shirts, Elite golf shirts, Icon golf shirts, Resort golf shirts and many more. Our selection of golf shirts are high-quality and are high performance. Golf Shirts are ideal because they can be worn in the office, on the sporting field and on the weekend. Our golf shirts are great because you can get plenty wear out of them. Order yours today!


We stock a wide range of Jackets, ranging from winter jackets to more summer-appropriate jackets. We also stock a wide selection of colours in order to suit your corporate needs. A jacket is the perfect addition to add to your corporate clothing as it can be worn over and over again and is perfect for shielding one from the nippy wind.


We offer Lounge Shirts, Bush Shirts and Pitt Shirts. Lounge Shirts are perfect for the office environment and your employees will look smart and professional throughout the day. Bush Shirts are flattering and can be used in all industries. Pitt Shirts are perfect for team uniforms but can also be used in the corporate sector. We suggest branded shirts with your company logo to ensure your staff are seen as a unit.

Fleece Sweaters: 

Looking to add to your corporate uniform for the winter? Our fleece sweaters will keep your staff warm during the winter. Our fleece sweaters are ideal for those who work outside and face the cold often. The benefits of our fleece sweaters is that the are easy to fold away if one gets too hot.

Fleece Sweaters are great because:

  1. Our fleece sweaters come in different styles and are highly flattering
  2. We supply a host of various colours that will suit your corporate needs
  3. A number of our fleece sweaters come with an attached hoodie, which protects your head, neck and ears from the wind and cold


T-shirts are perfect for special events and for corporate clothing. Many organizations make use of branded t-shirts for special events, such as a sporting event. Branded t-shirts with a company logo also serves as a great corporate gift. The t-shirt lasts for a long time and is used over and over. Branding t-shirts and giving them away as a corporate gift also allows you to get you name out there.


Tracksuits is a must-have for sport teams. All our tracksuits are unisex. Tracksuits are ideal for travelling and keep the individual warm during the cold days.

Why tracksuits are perfect for sporting teams:

  1. Our tracksuits are super comfortable and can be worn by men and women
  2. Branded with corporate colours and a company logo allows people to become familiar with you company
  3. Your brand becomes a walking billboard
  4. We have a selection of various colours which allows you to select one that is appropriate to your corporate needs


Our Quantam hoodies are unisex and can be worn throughout the year. Are you a sporting team and have a sporting event coming up? Brand hoodies with you team logo and corporate colours. Once the event is over, the hoodie will be a reminder of the sporting event and the memories you shared with your team members.

Our hoodies are incredibly popular as they are form fitting with a zip up the middle with two front pockets. These hoodies are perfect for sporting teams, staff uniforms and kids. These great hoodies come in 5 exciting colours.

Pants, Skirts and Belts:

Are you looking for corporate clothing to ensure your staff look smart and appropriate all day? We stock pants, skirts and belts that can easily be embroided with a company logo for a professional finish. As it is important that our staff look professional in the corporate sector, our wide selection of chino pants, cargo pants, jeans, skirts and belts will ensure your staff look great all day. Order your corporate clothing today!

 Kids Clothing:

Our Kids Clothing range comes in a variety of colours and styles and are perfect for sport teams.

Our Kids Clothing range includes:

  1. US Basic Houston Kids Fleece jackets for children aged  from 3-14. These fleece jackets are ideal for sporting trips and comes in 7 cool colours
  2. US Basic Super Club 150 Kids T-Shirt for children aged from 3-14. These t-shirts are ideal for everyday wear and comes in 8 vibrant colours
  3. Splice Kids Golf Shirt for children aged from 8-16. These Golf Shirts can be worn at sporting events or can form part of their school uniform. These golf shirts come in 16 colours.
  4. Kids Sprint T-Shirt and Golf Shirt for children aged from 4-16. These shirts are available in 6 great colours.

We suggest branding with a company logo as this will increase brand awareness.

High Visibility Clothing:

Our high visibility clothing range includes reflective bibs, reflective golf shirts, reflective binding caps, long sleeved safety shirts, high visibility fleece jackets, high visibility t-shirts, padded safety jackets, reflective t-shirts and reflective vests. Our high visibility clothing comes in a number of bright colours.

We highly suggest supplying your staff with high visibility corporate clothing if they complete shift work, may it be on the factory floor or by doing the construction on the roads. High Visibility clothing is important for those working in low lighting conditions. Brand high visibility clothing with your company logo and ensure your staff are kept safe at all times.

Winter Clothing:  

Brand Innovation stocks soft shell jackets, parkas, fleece jackets, hood sweaters, sweaters, body warmers and many more winter jackets. Ensure your staff and clients are kept warm during the colder months. Choose from lightweight jackets to heavy jackets. Ensure you include winter clothing as part of your corporate clothing. Order your winter clothing through Brand Innovation today!

Brand Innovation often has specials on their corporate clothing collection. Have an idea but not sure if we stock what you looking for, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

For more information on the the brands and products we stock, please review our corporate clothing catalogue.

Corporate Clothing South Africa

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa. We supply high quality clothing brands such as Slazenger clothing, Splice clothing, US Basic Casual Promo Wear,Adidas clothing, Hanes T-Shirts, Cutter & Buck clothing, Baron clothing and more. Our clothing brands are high-quality

corporate clothing south africa

Branded clothing is an important part of creating a company’s brand recognition and brand awareness. Having your staff wear clothing with your company logo makes them identifiable and creates a feeling of team work. When staff receive branded clothing, it makes them feel valued and they makes them feel good.

Whether your employees are workers on a building site or sales people in a store front, it is important for them to have branded clothing.Our clothing catalogue includes a large variety of products to choose from.Brand Innovation supplies corporate clothing that is appropriate for all industries




We are a bulk clothing supplier in South Africa; delivering door to door to our clients throughout the county.

Contact us today at Corporate Clothing South Africa for all of your promotional clothing and branded clothes in South Africa. Or visit Brand Innovation for our range of promotional products.