Rain Suits

It’s the rainy season! Its winter and that means one thing, especially for Capetonians – rain.

Luckily at Brand Innovation we offer great and durable rain suits that are sure to keep you dry!

Rain suits are great for anyone not wanting to get caught in the rain. However, they will be really useful and appreciated in these instances:

  • Rain suits are perfect for first aid workers or paramedics next to a sports field. It is often that you see first aid workers and paramedics next to a wet and muddy rugby field! Our rain suits will keep these wonderful people dry and a branded rain suit will identify them for everyone to see.
  • These rain suits will also be an asset to any company that employs staff that does manual labour. Whether its plumbers fixing broken pipes outdoors in the rain, or telephone operators fixing broken lines, these amazingly durable rain suits will shelter them from the rain.  A branded rain suit will also identify them as working for your company, and in turn make them look professional and trustworthy.

Rain Suit with Reflective Tape – Code: Barron R-SUI

 Rain Suit with Reflective Tape

Our rain suits have awesome features making it durable, useful and safe:

  • Our rain suits come in 3 colours: Navy blue and yellow and orange safety colours.
  • Only the bright yellow and orange safety rain suits have reflective tape on the arms, legs and across the torso and back.
  • The jacket of the rain suit has a concealed hood
  • These rain suits also have two, handy front pockets
  • The trousers of the rain suit has adjustable studs on the hem and two side pockets
  • Also the sleeves have adjustable studs on the cuffs
  • Sizes available: SMALL – 5XLARGE


Rain suits also double up as overalls, so even if your staff is in the messiest line of work, we can promise they will be covered. Our rain suits are durable, strong and still comfortable – they are sure to have your staff singing in the rain!

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Should you have any questions or queries, please email us at: info@brandinnovation.co.za