Branded Hoodies South Africa

Branded Hoodies South Africa – Being a student can be very demanding .It is requires a lot of your focus in order to succeed .

The dress code of most students is casual .You have to dress comfortably while you are at lectures and studying .

Branded hoodies are a clothing item students enjoy to wear.It is convenient to wear when you are running late for lectures and have no idea what to wear.

A branded hoodie is a great way to represent the institute your are part of .

You find that students wear their branded hoodies proudly because of the warm feelings  that have for their school.

Universities and schools have been using this branding option for a very long time.We have branded hoodies for WITS and Stellenbosch.

Students respond well to branded hoodies.Some people keep them as a memory of their student days.

Wits Hoodies Embroidery


Why branded hoodies are great for students:


  • It is a Casual item
  • Hoodies keep you warm
  • They are Comfortable
  • Hoodies can be worn on a Everyday basis
  • For Sport and Gym


We use the Slazenger Smash hoodies for branding.These hoodies are high quality material.

The thick material keeps you warm.They are visually pleasing to the eye .

It is an item students would be willing to wear as a uniform.We can brand the hoodie on the front .

This gives your brand logo ample visible area.

The colors the Slazenger Smash hoodies are available in are Black,Grey,White and Navy .

Order Branded Hoodies South Africa

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