Corporate Clothing Brands

Corporate Clothing Brands South Africa- Corporate clothing is an important part of any brand’s image. Keeping staff uniform or portraying a solid brand culture, branded corporate clothing is a great way to not only gain recognition of your brand but also associate it with real people in society. A great way to give out branded items to staff and clients, we stock some of the best corporate clothing brands in the world.

Our famous brands


3 Reasons why this is a fantastic clothing range

  1. Caps, golf shirts. Jackets and sports bags
  2. Durable, high-quality designs
  3. Perfect for casual wear and sports events


3 Reasons why this is a great branded range

  1. Shirts, jackets and golf shirts
  2. Great formal and winter wear
  3. Form fitting designs with ample branding room

Gary Player

3 Reasons why this is an awesome sports range

  1. Professional sports brand
  2. High-quality, luxury bags and clothes
  3. Named after the world famous Gary Player- South African golfing legend


3 Reasons why this is a brilliant work wear range

  1. Durable high-vis and workwear items
  2. Great for construction, formal office or outdoors
  3. Huge range of styles and materials

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