Moisture Management Golf Shirts

Moisture Management Golf Shirts South Africa- A fantastic gift idea that is ideal for a corporate event or sports day, a moisture management golf shirt is a comfortable and durable item that is a wonderful to wear. Perfect for the outdoors, this great set of items regulates your temperature so you don’t sweat yourself silly while being active outside. A great branded item that is stylish and great to wear, these golf shirts are perfect branded gifts.

Our favourite moisture management options

Technical Golf Shirt

3 Reasons why this is a great golf shirt

  1. Available in eight awesome colours
  2. Stylish two-tone design
  3. Side slits for added mobility

Icon Golf Shirt

3 Reasons why this is a perfect branded gift

  1. Performance collar for superior moisture evaporation
  2. Available in five vibrant colours
  3. Comfortable self-patterned fabric

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