Branded Soft Shell Jackets

Branded Soft Shell Jackets South Africa- A world renowned brand, known globally for high quality clothing and sportswear, the Slazenger Branded Soft Shell Jackets range has a wonderful choice of professional branded jackets suitable for any corporate or casual situation. With a choice of branding options, colours and styles, these stunning jackets are the perfect corporate clothing item for the winter months.

Catalyst Softshell Jacket Item Code: SLAZ-816

3 Reasons why this is an ideal client gift

  1. Strong, durable design
  2. Nine colour embroidery, or embossed branding
  3. Seven stunning colours

Branded Soft Shell Jackets

A branded jacket that is extremely popular with corporate clients, our preferred choice of staff jacket here at Brand Innovation, these stunning branded Soft Shell Jackets have a sturdy outer shell and lovingly warm lining on the inside. A jacket that is great for an active individual, these durable jackets also work wonderfully as branded wear for endurance races or sports teams, comfortable to wear day after day. A clever way to promote your stylish and modern brand, giving out high quality items to your stakeholders allows them to market your brand every time the jacket is worn.

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