Branded Windbreaker Jackets

Branded Windbreaker Jackets South Africa- A great branded item for winter, especially during the rainy months of the year, branded windbreaker jackets are comfortable, durable items that can be used on a daily basis. Extra light weight, made from 100% polyester fabric, this is an ideal branded item for staff.

Miami Mens Windbreaker

3 Reasons why this is a great windbreaker option

  1. Fold away hood
  2. Folds into pouch
  3. Available in eight great colour options

Branded Windbreaker Jackets

A perfect item for keeping dry in the rainy months of the year, this handy fold away jacket fits in a small pouch meaning you can easily take it anywhere you go. Perfect for taking on trips or on a day where the weather is a bit crazy, this allows you to have a dry jacket at a moment’s notice. Great for keeping in your handbag or car, these light rain jackets are life savers at times.

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