Safari Travel

Safari Travel South Africa- South Africa is a land rich with adventure. Whether a thrill seeker or wildlife enthusiast, this country has it all.

Whether visiting the Kruger or touring down the orange river, there is a wonderful selection of exciting places to visit. Perfect for exploring the abounding natural splendour. With such a diverse environment spanning the land, South Africa is famed for its immersive safaris.

An important part of any adventure, especially a safari, you need to ensure you have the right gear.

For those who prefer the walking safari, your top to bottom attire is vital. On the ground, amoungst the animals and bush, foot wear is key to enjoying this awesome experience. A hardy set of shoes that can handle rough terrain allows for comfort throughout the trail. Preferably padded or reinforced, a safari is no time for sandals, closed shoes with a thick sole is an ideal option for footwear.

Safari Travel

Another important part of your safari clothing is you choice of clothing. Light, comfortable clothes are preferable. A breathable bush shirt is a favourite choice as the cotton keeps you cool while the long sleeves protect you from the sun. With natural colours to blend in, this is the best way to travel the bush without upsetting the natural balance- blending into the environment.

Safari Travel

Whether trekking along the extensive otter trail in the south, or venturing through the parks in the north. High quality gear keeps you protected and comfortable along the way. Giving you the time to enjoy every step of the journey.

Don’t be left in the sun without your safari gear. Enjoy every minute of your South African safari travel adventure.

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