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When nearing times of the year when it gets a bit colder, the winter months can often serve temperatures nearing freezing across the country. It is at times like this when a branded hoodie becomes the ideal corporate gift. Branded hoodies are a time honoured, South African favourite. With a never ending need for a warm jersey to call you own, a well designed and branded hoodie shows off the nature and style of your brand.

A clear and efficient way of promoting your brand image, this is guaranteed to be seen all around town. Giving clients a well designed branded hoodie speaks volumes to the vibrant nature and youthful vibe of your company. Great for sporting brands or outdoorsy clients, a hoodie can make for an ideal, less formal, promotional gift. With a selection of styles, cuts and colours to choose from, these are the perfect products to customise to your brand image. A functional and thoughtful corporate branding idea, there is nothing as appreciated as a warm, well made hoodie during the winter months.

In a range of mens and ladies hoodies, there is such a wide range to choose from. Give recipients a hoodie for relaxing on a rainy day or give them a hoodie perfect for braving a thunder storm, there is a perfect material and style for your brand needs.

The US Basic hooded sweater is a great, light material hoodie that is available in a range of five different colours. This comfortable material is perfect for cooler days being lighter, not to mention it wont weigh you down when carrying it around with you. Great for a Johannesburg winter evening or a day walking through Cape Town, these gifts allow you to make this product your own, giving it your own sense of style and corporate emotion.

US Basic hoodie for men

A thicker, more baggy style hoodie, the BIZ Trinity hooded sweater is aimed at experiencing warmth without the weight of a thick winter jacket. These stylish hoodies are a wonderful answer to corporate branding problems, a gift that can be used on a day to day basis, and will continue to be used for years to come. Creating a link between your brand and the clients comfort, this is a constant reminder to clients that it is your brand that gives them the things they need to keep warm.

Biz Collection Hoody Sweater for Women

A thick hoodie perfect for the winter months, the Slazenger Trinity Hooded Sweater is available in a range of four colour option. With a large area on front and back for branding, this is an easy solution to clear and meaningful branding efforts. Perfect for sports teams, faculties or general promotional wear, the Slazenger hoodie is a versatile and worthwhile branded product. A great way to keep warm while keeping with the style of the day, these wonderful branded hoodies are an awesome addition to any wardrobe.

Last, but not least, the Bay Unisex Hoodie. This high quality, comfortable hoodie is made from 100% cotton brushed fleece with a big kangaroo pocket in the front. Offering large branding space to do with what you will, this is a branded promotional item that can be made to suit your brand perfectly. Available in a choice of three colours, these 280gsm hoodies make for the perfect winter gift for staff, or even as a promotional product during tours of sports teams or groups. This makes for an ideal branded gift that all will love and use.

VB Kangaroo Adult unisex hoodies

The best way to keep clients and staff warm and happy, while giving out a quality branded item that boasts your company logo, the hoodie is a versatile and well branded gift that can be used day in and day out.