High Visibility Clothing Suppliers

High Visibility Clothing

Introducing the new range in the corporate clothing and work wear line, these high visibility clothing options are to be used throughout a number of working and business environments. All these safety clothing options feature luminous colours or reflective tape to ensure safety and security at all times.

A brilliant range of products for corporate branding needs, these not only serve as uniform but also as on site gear for construction workers or emergency services. Particularly useful for motorcycle riders while in poor or wet conditions, these safety gear options allow for complete visibility ensuring that mishaps and accidents take a steady decline around the working environment. In order to help you find the best possible work wear for your corporate branding needs, here are a few options available out of the many we offer.

The high visibility reflective vest, a full front zip vest available in a choice of six colours, is a great promotional item for your work force. Usually used for events to mark out official personnel, these vests have an ID pocket and reflective tape to ensure maximum visibility no matter the conditions. A wonderful branded option for a multitude of purposes, this is an effective and efficient way of making workers or employees clearly marked and safe on site.

Reflective Vest

A brilliantly warm and sturdy option from the high visibility range, the padded safety jacket is not only remarkably comfortable , but also serves as a highly visible jacket with luminous colour and reflective tape. Including adjustable cuffs, storm flap, concealed hood and two front pockets, this water resistant jacket is great when working outside or on site during winter months or colder mornings. A commonly used piece for emergency services as well as motorbike riders, the highly visible and reflective nature of the jacket makes it perfect for clearly marking persons who are effectively trying to stay safe while out and about. Looking great when branded with a logo or brand name, these jackets serve their purpose well, keeping workers safe and warm through any situation.

padded safety jackets south africa

Another great item from this new range, the reflective golf shirt, allows for a complete visibility solution for staff and workers. Ideal for night workmen or emergency services, even for workers on a construction site, these golf shirts are highly durable and include a two tone design with reflective tape on the shoulders and stomach, ensuring absolute safety and security for workers, staff and paramedics alike.

reflective golf shirt


For all your high visibility and reflective work wear needs, our new range of high quality branded work wear is sure to suit your every need. Ensure the safety and security of your staff with these high visibility clothing options.