Conti Suits Supplier

Conti Suits Supplier South Africa- A much needed item for any construction or outdoor work, a full body conti suit is an ideal way to keep your workers uniform as well as visible. A great item that is seen everywhere, these high quality work wear items give you a large branding space and a comfortable work wear option for the daily grind.

Workforce Conti Suit

3 Reasons why this is a great work wear item

  1. Reinforced design
  2. Available in five colour options
  3. Durable polycotton twill material

Conti Suits Supplier

A perfect way to give staff durable and high quality work wear options, these suits can have branding all over, with options for screen print or embroidery. A fantastic on site promotional tool that puts a face to a name in the real world, these are comfortable enough for staff to wear every day, and the durable design means less wear and tear, and less costs for the future.

Don’t miss out on these awesome work wear items from a premium conti suit supplier in South Africa, e-mail now to order yours.