High Visibility Jackets

High Visibility Jackets South Africa- A brand known for its high quality work wear and clothing ranges, Barron work wear clothing is perfect for any professional setting- whether working outdoors or in an office, Barron has the ideal option for your branding needs. A great way to give your staff branded work wear items that can be worn every day this range offers comfortable, durable items that are brilliant for branding.

Commuter Jacket

3 Reasons why this is a great work wear option

  1. 1000% polyester water resistant fabric
  2. Sturdy hood
  3. Reflective tape for hi-visibility

High Visibility Jackets

With a small range of luminous colours and strips of reflective tape across the body, these are wonderful jackets for your workers, especially when considering safety and visibility on site. A wonderful way to give staff branded uniforms and durable work wear options, these jackets are perfect for the outdoors. With a durable, thick design, these wonderfully warm jackets are ideal during the harsher winter months of the year.

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